Maine Startup & Create Week

by Sarah Hines

MSCW Vertical AdY’all know we’re up to our elbows in the startup community in Portland. We were given much valuable support by the tech startup community when we first hung up our shingle. The mentoring was and has continued to be a key reason that we continue to grow as a company instead of stagnating, or worse, fizzling, which is why we try to pay it forward by lending our time and resources to absolutely excellent entrepreneur-supporting projects like Maine Startup & Create Week.

We’re super excited to be part of the development, and we hope you will be too.

What is this thing you speak of?

Think of it as Woodstock for entrepreneurs, only with rockstar business starters and coffee and (probably) a higher standard for personal hygiene. The MSCW team is pulling together an amazing week (June 12-20) of panels, networking events, and opportunities to learn about ways to scale up your business.

It’s all about celebrating and growing not just startups, but in particular MAINE-BASED startups.

Who should care?

  • Folks who want to foster a more robust Maine economy.
  • Entrepreneurs who are ready to kick it up a notch.
  • Investors looking for cool businesses who need funding for their next stage of growth.
  • Anyone interested in what makes a startup spark and grow!

Sounds cool. What can I do now?

This is the first year for this excellent endeavor, so there’s still a great need for sponsors, partners, and volunteers. Here are a few ways to stay connected:

We’re heavily involved in producing this event,  so expect more from us on those as we nail down more details!



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