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Has Facebook gone full mad scientist on us?

The internet has been angrily buzzing over Facebook’s collaboration with Cornell University to determine whether emotional contagion could be spread through social networks…for good reason. No one likes to find out that a broad clause covered by an “I Agree to the Terms of Use” checkmark has signed them up to be a psychological lab… Read more »

Don’t Be Caught With Your Analytics Down

Analytics can be a real bugbear. Most of the time, they tick away happily in the background of the site, content to be ignored until it’s time to run through your monthly or quarterly report. When you’re using a program like Google Analytics, which replies on a coded connection between your site and an external… Read more »

The Value of Good Design

So you want a professionally-designed website? We can help with that. Before we sit down to chat about your goals and site needs, let’s do a quick exercise in setting expectations. How much do you think a basic website costs? No cheating, now–write it down. Got it? Okay, go ahead and mouseover the picture below… Read more »