Open Sourcery, FTW

Whenever possible, we encourage our clients to use open source software for their web needs. Don’t let the jargon put you off: “open source” simply means that anyone, anywhere can use, change, and share the software for free.

Free is good, right? We think it’s awesome, and not just because it saves money up front.

Top 5 Reasons We Love Open Source

lady-33922_6401. Better security.

Because anyone can make updates to the software, solutions for security issues can be fixed within hours of being discovered. You can run a security tests and fix the problems yourself. With large corporations providing software, such updates can take months. Open source means independence from cumbersome corporate software structures.

2. Cost over time.

Buying a software license once might be no big deal for your company, but when you factor in the need for additional licenses as your company grows and updates when new software is release, the cost savings of open source become astronomical. The tech support for open source is often also freely available through internet forums.

3. Flexibility & standards.

The right to change the software means you can hire a coder to tweak a product that almost does what you need, instead of hiring someone to build a brand-new software from scratch. More importantly, open source code is based on standards that make it easier for different types of software to work together. In short, open code makes it possible to do amazing things with minimal effort.

4. Smart foundations.

If you’re building a new software product, chances are that pieces of that product already exist. If those pieces are open source, you can use them as a foundation for your product or as an example of how someone else solved that problem, saving your business time and money, while knowing that your foundation has been used and tested by many people in different settings.

5. Communal ownership.

So many excellent pieces of software go the way of the dodo, extinct when a developer is offered a paying job or loses interest. Time and technology wait for no code, and beloved tools soon become obsolete. If the original tool is open source, however, another developer who has the time and interest can pick up the task of supporting the tool to continue evolving it to meet changing demands.

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